Illustrations by Tully Mills
Cranky Kaplan stuck in a playpen.Cranky Kaplan arguing with a kid who looks like Edward G. Robinson.Cranky Kaplan sitting on his porch.Cranky Kaplan smacking a flapping mackerel to feed the cats. Flight of the iguanas.Survey of what I see outside of my living room window.GeoffMillieGorilla and boy.The Sacking of LondiniumEmilyBear and PeacockDobler stops the Mayan Apocalypse. A dog.Wise Kaplan at the vet.Wise Kaplan hiding from coyotes.Badger GamesMegatherium fighting zombies in Copenhagen.Dead PigeonEquupod and friend.Nap FactoryPlanting eggs.The Nautilus
Selected prints available soon. Originals for sale upon request.