Illustrations by Tully Mills
9190888781Jars79Poster for Public School Show.An Italian greyhound named Taja.Untitled 60Elsa and The Trolls, #2.MosesElsa and the trolls.A unicorn trying to jump rope.Sugar Gliders In SpaceUntitled 54Aquacats.A flyer for Public School Show.A Valentine for Public School Show.Untitled 48A cat named Nico.A dog named Penny.Untitled 38Untitled 45Aspirin and ElephantsAbtu and AnetBashville In LoveUrsa Del ReyUntitled 43Carrion Bar (no bears).James Skipworth and The Catfish ColonelDaliTwo cats named Frank and Dave.Groundhog Day/DeadwoodA guinea pig named Deedee.Piñata Ghost.Wizard bears.Thinking about rabbits.General SmoochesA cat named Gobi."Hilarious"A dog named JoJo.Power PuppyThe Trash Cart (no bears).MLKNewborn giraffe.Schmulnik's WaltzTime Cat!The Trash Bar (no bears).Tree frog.A beagle named Darwin.Young Male Writers.
Originals for sale upon request.